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My incentivized pricing means earlier you get ‘er done, the less you pay me!

These rates are based on a 90 minute return.

Overtime is charged if you have to come back (meaning if I have to reopen your file) because you are missing even one document, or if the complexity of your return requires more time.


Everyone gets a folder, an emailed PDF and a flash-drive for Free!

If you contact me after your return is filed to get another copy, there is a $50 fee.


Jan – Feb = $300 

Mar 1 - 15 = $350

Mar 16 - 31 = $400

Apr – Dec = $450 

(all prior years $450)


   Request must be made by April 5th   

  • S.M.L.L.C. add $300

  • Married Filing Joint add $100

  • Extra States add $50 for each state

  • $50 for me to file Tax Day Extensions for you

  • Non-Tax Return work, Consultations, and Overtime

            is charged at $300 an hour, in 15 min. increments

Here's a nifty idea:  Fill in my Tax Packet Worksheets in DECEMBER - then as soon as you receive all of your tax forms and documents, you can make our appointment!

And as always, stack up your check stubs by payer, and make sure there is a W-2 or 1099 to go on the top of each stack. 

Missing a W-2 or 1099?  Look on your check-stub for the contact info. 

Otherwise, look on my page of

PAYROLL OFFICES to get a reprint of your missing tax doc. 


And PLEASE use my check-list of other tax documents.  Do you have student loan interest?  Investments?  Anything else?  You might have to go online to get those other tax documents BEFORE you make our appointment.

Once you’ve received all of your documents & have completed the Tax Packet, THEN you can book your appointment!

Overtime (starting at $75 per each 15 min.) will be charged If you are missing even one document and I have to re-open your tax return after your appointment date.

I must have your completed Tax Packet AND all of your tax docs
24 hours BEFORE your appointment.  That means: Mail
COPIES of everything to me (so you keep the originals) 4 days before your appointment, or email all of your tax documents in ONE LONG PDF, and your Tax Packet Worksheets in ANOTHER LONG PDF, both in one email, the day before your appointment.  

Password protect the docs

or use it's free and no password required!

Please put


as the subject line to me. 

(If you are sending me more than one year,

put the date for each year in the subject line)

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