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Jordana has over a decade of helping taxpayers understand and conquer their tax returns, and as

an actor, she's racked up over 55 film & TV credits

and has shot twice that many commercials.

She’s the definition of Right & Left Brain.

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The 3rd Stimulus Payment

(aka Economic Impact Payment,

aka Recovery Rebate)

of $1,400 was sent out between March and December 2021. This

might have been direct deposit, paper check or debit card. If you didn’t receive it, go to IRS.gov to see if it was sent. I will need to know IF IT WAS SENT when we do your 2021 tax return.

The Golden State Stimulus payment of $600 was sent out between March and December 2021.  ONLY IF you filed your taxes by Oct. 15th, 2021.  If you didn’t receive it, or want more info, go to Golden State Stimulus 1 & 2 or FTB.CA.gov to see IF IT WAS SENT.

Advanced Child Tax Credit Did you receive advance payments from the IRS in July 2021-Dec. 2021? If so, l need your IRS Letter 6419 that was mailed this January that has the amount you received. Please be advised if you received payments that your 2021 income disqualifies you for, then you will need to repay some or all of it.

2021 Tax Year - No More Tax-Free Unemployment President Biden’s American Rescue Plan that included forgiving the first $10,200 of unemployment earned in 2020 has ended. You will be taxed as usual on all of your EDD income for tax year 2021.

2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 Tax Year Health Insurance Penalty If you didn't have health insurance for any part of 2019, 2020, 2021 OR 2022, the California Franchise Tax Board will assess a penalty when you file your taxes.  Click HERE to estimate what your penalty will be.

★★★★★ Thank you so much for always being so thoughtful, helpful, caring and kind! You make the world a better place. ~ Chihiro K.

★★★★★ I feel AMAZING after working with the incomparable Jordana, she explained everything from top to bottom, broke down how I can be more efficient and effective when preparing my taxes, and what was fair and honest. I felt sooo comfortable asking numerous questions, and she never made me feel like a dummy, or like the question wasn't valid. ~ Lorene C


★★★★★ Jordana cares, and understands how unstable this career can be, and she’ll do her best to help you. Jordana's so nice and funny! I am definitely coming back next year, worth my time and money. ~ Ollie M.

★★★★★ It was our first time filing as a married couple, Jordana was friendly, helpful, and efficient. She specializes in actors, independent contractors, etc., but she did a fine job with us and we don't fall into those categories. Go to Jordana for whatever your tax needs are! ~ Veronica B.

★★★★★ I've been coming here for 9 years after attending one of their actor tax talks at SAG. Now I have Jordana doing my taxes every year and she's the best! So organized with helpful information about taxes for anyone in the entertainment industry. I've learned how to itemize better and keep track of the things that truly matter to independent contractors. She specializes in taxes for actors but can file anyone's returns. ~ Ashton S.

★★★★★ Jordana Capra is simply the very best. Jordana handled me with kid gloves and had no judgments about anything. She is a performer herself and therefore "gets it". She explains things in detail so I no longer am in the dark about how I should properly handle my business throughout the year. I'm officially a client...and a fan. ~ Rod T.

★★★★★ I couldn't have had a better first experience - Jordana was super patient and talked me through everything so next year I would be more prepared. Great at breaking down all those deductions performers can qualify for. She even gave me a handy app to track business miles . See ya next year Jordana!!!!

 ~ Chevonne H.

★★★★★ Since moving to LA and knowing I wanted to take full advantage of working-actor deductions, my knowledge of the tax code really was not going to cut it. I'm just coming back from my appointment right now and am immediately on yelp --- guys -- that's how good it was here. After my appointment I was thanking Jordana and said "This was...fun?" The packet she has you fill out before going in is very, very, helpful - use it! ~ Hayley O.

★★★★★ JORDANA!!! Went here for my 2012 taxes and Jordana rocked my world! She was awesome...super intelligent, super friendly, super helpful, basically A-MAZING! Long story short, if you're in the entertainment business, GO TO JORDANA to get your taxes done. Your pocketbook and stress level will be happy you did. Just don't ask for Jordana...she's mine :)

5/18 Just wanted to post again...have been using Jordana since my 2012 taxes and refuse to go to anyone else! Now I actually love doing my taxes!! THANK YOU! ~ Heather R.